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Thoughts on Grilled Cheesus
Likes Girls
I'm not a religious person, but I'm not a complete non-believer. No side that was presented offended me in any way. I tuned in to watch an episode of glee, with a rather epic set list. So, in my opinion, this is how I watched the episode.

For the most part I agreed with the, "part," Sue played in this episode. When she talked about the separation of church and state I out loud, "Ooohd." Man, that's an episode/discussion entirely on it's own. I enjoyed, the "parts," that Emma and Sue played in that scene together. Sue arguments are pretty valid. Why do non-believers have to stay silent? I understood why/how she...used, Kurt. Certainly wasn't the worst thing she has ever done.

Artie stood out so much in this episode, even though he didn't say a thing. He agreed with Schue when he told the kids to back off of Kurt, because he had a right to speak his mind. He understood completely with Kurt when Kurt said, "God is kind of a jerk." Being mocked over who/what you are when you have no control over it (HOLY SHIT, RELEVANCE). He also provided the first, "here we go," eye roll when Finn talked about finding Jesus through Cheesus.  Thumbs up for the silent minority. Side note: Rachel's outfit in the, "back off Kurt," scene. Is the most "Rachel Berry," outfit she has worn since the first 13. Was that the same turtleneck from the pilot?

Puck ruled. Period. The Quinn shots over the appropriate lyrics during, "Only the Good Die Young," was pretty great.

Speaking of Quinn...there wasn't enough, then again there was. I'm torn about that.

"Papa Can You Hear Me," beautiful, flawless, etc. etc. coming from Lea as expected. Tuesday night, though, it felt like that song was in there <i>just</i> so Lea could sing it because it's Barbra. The placement and the reasoning for it just felt odd. Odd, odd, odd. Next day, nope, that was fantastically used. What Rachel was singing about was right, and it was what Kurt needed to be feeling and addressing toward his dad. That first shot we saw, he was annoyed, his "friends," were not respecting his wishes. The second shot, over the, "Papa how I love you," part of that song, he was crying. He understood what Rachel was doing, and it was the right..."prayer," for Burt.

I don't know what didn't connect with me Tuesday night, but, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," did nothing to me. It was a sad/beautiful scene, yeah. Next day, holy crap...by the third flashback I was a sobbing mess. And still so, well into the Finn/Emma scene.

Speaking of Finn. His everything in this episode was the most realistic anything I've seen this show do. He's a confused 16 year old boy who <u>wanted</u> something to believe in. Heck, who hasn't been where he was in that episode. "Losing my Religion," well, well placed.

"I Look To You," was kind of unnecessary, imo. This ep. could have used one less musical number. "One of Us," was way, way to short. Great to hear Jenna again, I've missed her voice just as much I have Dianna's.

Favorite scene: Sue/Jean. Way to come full circle.

Best scene: That last Kurt/Burt scene. Again, way to come full circle.

Favorite moment:
Brittany: "
Heart attacks are just from loving too much."

If that's not love. Then I don't know what is.  I don't mean bff/sisterly/guaranteed to be a matron of honor love. I mean full blown, unrequited, you are my everything, love. This is why you are my favorite, Brad.